Massage Therapy and More!

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Massage Therapy

We offer top of the line SPA Services. We bring these services to you in the comfort of your home, beach house or Condo in Rocky Point and surrounding areas including: Playa Encanto, Cholla Bay, Laguna del Mar, Playa Miramar and Playa de Oro. We do house calls from one hour and can also cater to large groups including weddings, reunions and other events.

Tommy Kite Surfing

Kite Surf in Rocky Point!

We have been kitesurfing in Rocky Point for several years. We have also looked for other kite destinations like San Diego, Lake Mead and San Francisco but we always come back to Rocky Point. We find ourselves returning time and again for its magnificent beaches, estuaries and bays, uncrowded kiting spaces and the capability to kite both in north and south winds (winter and summer). The short distance from both Phoenix and Tucson is an added bonus.

Tommy Flying

Flying in Rocky Point!


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Enjoy Your Stay with this easy tips

The first thing to do when you get to Rocky Point is realize you are in a different country. Yes, we know you only drove a few hours but when you cross the border and enter Mexico you will encounter a different culture with different laws. For example:

  • Do not to bring any weapons or ammunition. It is illegal in Mexico to carry any weapons,
  • Speed limits are a bit slower specially in the towns. Be careful driving through Sonoyta, it's easy to speed and getting a ticket will only slow you down!
  • If you do get stopped by the police, don't be alarmed if they ask you to go to the police station. This is the normal procedure for handling a ticket for foreign license plates otherwise they are unable to collect the fine. Follow the officer to the police station, pay for your ticket (usually $20US for a regular speeding ticket). Once you have paid the ticket, you get to carry on with your day. The ticket won't affect your insurance or your driving record.
  • Streets are not marked in many cases and you have to be careful at intersections as some people will not stop at designated stop signs. Drive slowly and carefully, common sense is a must.
  • Don't drink and drive, it's not Ok. You endanger yourself and others!
  • Use extra caution. There are many tourists in Rocky Point. Most don't know the streets well. Sometimes a street will change abruptly, a speed bump will not be marked or there will be a hazard in the road. Just remember to be extra careful as signs and street conditions are not what you are used to.
  • We hope you came down for a wonderful vacation and your normal pace has already slowed down. If you are on a business trip, realize Rocky Point will handle your business much slower than you are accustomed. This includes from ordering in a restaurant to getting to the point in a business meeting. It's all going to be at a different pace. Everyone in town has time to chat. The restaurant owner may stop by your table and make sure everything is good then stay for a while to chat. The neighbor in your beach rental may also want to stop and meet you and talk. In general, forget the big busy city and welcome the relaxed atmosphere in which time is abundant and there is always tomorrow. Dinner is a social event, the breezy beach will relax you and you will soon welcome this different way of life.
  • Tips, tips and more tips. Mexico is a country in which many people live off tips. Carry change with you.
    • At the grocery store the people who bag groceries don't get paid. It is customary to give them a tip. It can be 20 cents or a dollar. Anything makes a difference to them.
    • Save some change for the person at the parking taking care of your car. They are also volunteers without salary. We know the car won't go anywhere without you, but they still need a small tip.
    • Gas stations are full service and the attendants  also need a tip. Their wages are minimal and they count on the tips to support their families.
    • If you want to do more than tip, bring some extra clothes you no longer wear or unused food that has been sitting in your pantry for a while. There are plenty of needy people and charities that will be more than happy with your used clothes or extra food.

Bring a great attitude and generosity with you, Leave only Tracks behind and Come Back Often!